Programme Leaders

Meet the team behind the OX100.

Matt Williams

Matt Williams is the MD and founder of Cypher, the fastest growing accountancy firm in Oxford, which is delivering a new type of accountancy for business owners.

A leader by example, Matt’s infectious energy, genuine commitment to development and happiness and his unwavering focus on achieving whatever goal is at hand make him a force to be reckoned with.

His mantra is that every business owner he works with should be 100% comfortable with the numbers in their business and how that impacts their life at home.

He feels that too many business owners rely on gut feeling and blind luck to run their business finances and then have moments of mad panic when they need to refinance an asset or apply for a mortgage at home. Instead, he makes it simple for business owners to have access to their real-time financial data, and based on this provides them with sound strategic support and advice.

An entrepreneur himself, Matt gets his kicks out of deep-diving businesses and joining them on their journey. He helms the ship, keeping business owners on-course and motivated, by asking the challenging questions that make them think differently – and more commercially — about their business. 

Andrew Garland

With over 30 years’ experience transforming and growing businesses, Andrew has a reputation for delivering results. Today, he is on a mission to help 1000 business owners double the size of their businesses by 2025.

His mantra is that by helping business owners create great businesses in turn they will enjoy a better life. Andrew’s experience spans a range of industries, from aviation, to security and retail, holding a number of senior executive roles. He has completed an MBA and now uses his practical experience to apply proven systems and techniques across a diverse range of business and cultural environments. At the heart of Andrew’s success is a passion for coaching people and teams to make quality, independent decisions with an unrelenting desire for success. So, whether you are looking to grow revenue, improve profitability, increase distribution or geographical expansion, no matter what stage your business is at, there is a solution to help you maximising the value of your business. The most successful business people, like the greatest athletes have top quality coaches. Coaches they respect and coaches that are able to use available data of consistent measurements, to provide quantitative analysis of current performance and then plot a path to achieving desired goals. 

To join this exciting business accelerator programme, businesses owners must apply in the first instance and if accepted, follow a schedule of work in order to meet benchmarks set by the coaches and programme leaders. Delegates will also be expected to commit to 2-4 hours a week/month to complete the set work for the length of the programme.

The OX100 is a professional environment and you’ll be expected to answer to someone other than yourself in regards to your progress.


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